iStock_000001744024XSmall(1)Managing disputes in never easy – whether at work or at home. You should also know that the longer you wait to resolve a conflict, the worse it becomes. So be courageous, try and maintain your cool and look for a way to resolve the dispute. You should look for a solution that will leave everyone reasonably happy.
The first thing you should do is schedule a meeting- if two people are in a conflict and they need your help, you should plan on how they should meet. Plan a time that is okay with you and the party that are in conflict. You will also have enough time to plan in advance, what you will say to them. Before you plan the meeting, you should ensure that they are both serious about solving the problem.
During the meeting allow each party to tell their side of the story – this means you have to be an active listener. Let them express their feelings and story too as you listen in comparison. Maintain a calm state between them and do not allow one party to interrupt the other. Ensure each part has enough time to explain their side of the story.
Encourage them to listen to one another instead of waiting for their chance to speak. At some point you can make one part repeat what the other party said – this will make sure that they are listening to one another. This will also ensure that they understand the feelings of the other party.
banner-dispute-resolutionIt should be clear to them that you are there to resolve not to solve. The people in conflict are the only people who can figure out a way to move forward past their disputes. They should not look for magical solutions that will make their problems go away. Make this clear to the parties in conflict – let them understand that they also have to participate and help in getting a solution.
Your purpose in managing disputes is to ensure that is doesn’t get out of control. This creates an environment that is conducive for the parties to talk and find a solution to their conflicts. During the meeting, you should maintain your objectivity – even if you think one party is right, you have no say in the dispute. If you support one side, the other party will not cooperate.
spot_CEDRKeep your personal opinions and thoughts to yourself. Treat each perspective with respect and comparison. You may think that one party is right than the other but they both have to reach to an understanding. It is your responsibility to pay attention to both of them and try your best to maintain a neutral environment
You should end the meeting in a positive way. Despite the outcome of the meeting, you should end the meeting with an optimistic remark. This will create an impression that no party was defeated. If the dispute has been resolved, you can go for coffee or buy them beer. If they are still angry at each other, you can try diffuse the tension with little humor.